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The Google+ Diaries

The Google+ Diaries

By on 7 Oct, 2012 in Blog | 0 comments

Just feeding you with very nice, interesting and worth reading/watching things that were share on Google+ in these last few day.

Ah… if this is what is shared in desert, I want to live in that desert (at least for a while).

[clip id=”LQYJj68-7ZMIrtM9TQYpH6KKz0wUWP6Ilsme” width=”519″ height=”474″ scale=”disabled”]

[clip id=”LQYJjKg534P1S66AboRLhUec63WkmAiTjg5e” width=”519″ height=”594″ scale=”disabled”]

[clip id=”LQYJjT4keVg8_JBYW6QD31m2441dhFDcNfHe” width=”519″ height=”646″ scale=”disabled”]

[clip id=”LQYJlKzPgrMPYOIk7bhIIT178F1XSR-dNQ5e” width=”519″ height=”672″ scale=”disabled”]

[clip id=”LQYJlWU8UMYGxCKfVQ9Cm9o_Brmr5mRSk0ie” width=”519″ height=”447″ scale=”disabled”]

[clip id=”LQYJn3woGfkqgny4FGZ7ZfxmUpyIbU48N2Xe” width=”519″ height=”930″ scale=”disabled”]

[clip id=”LQYJm79Srao8N1HE30vnN5fm9J7wW3mlwQDe” width=”519″ height=”536″ scale=”disabled”]

[clip id=”LQYJrrVTPnTpjd3-S9qfEDv7yu1KBSIiz3Te” width=”519″ height=”531″ scale=”disabled”]

[clip id=”LQYJp6KxQWO2AACMc4ERYDtHs8plEZCGdGPe” width=”517″ height=”391″ scale=”disabled”]

[clip id=”LQYJnhLuWaI0-5SpontAcBPeR0F9I4vgzuLe” width=”517″ height=”439″ scale=”disabled”]

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