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Gianluca Fiorelli and are synonyms. 

Active in the Search and Digital Marketing industry  since 2003, Gianluca has collaborated with brands of any sizes both national and multi-national. specializes in Strategic and International SEO, offering to its clients – CEO, CMO and in-house/in-agency Head of SEO – analyses, audits and actionable recommendations that will help their businesses improve their organic search visibility.


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Our Services

International SEO

Multilingual and Multi-Country SEO based on your business needs, and planned to make your brand succeeding and overcoming any international SEO issue.

Content Audit

We audit your content and help you discover gaps and opportunities able to improve the growth, authority and relevance of your website.

SEO Strategy

Every tactic is useless without a strategy. With 15+ years of proved experience in SEO, can help you design a winning SEO Strategy that will last.

Keyword and Search Intent Analysis

Are you targeting the real needs behind the searches of your potential customers? Our keyword and search intent analysis will help you create the content your customers are looking for.

Technical SEO Audit

We will help you discover the technical issues affecting the visibility and performance of your website, and provide you with actionable solutions.

SEO Training

Do you need to improve your knowledge in a specific area of SEO? Then contact for its in-company or remote training custom plans.

About Gianluca Fiorelli

Recognized as one of the most insightful SEO professional worldwide, he writes or asked for an expert opinion on sites like Moz, State of Digital, SEMrush or Hubspot.

Gianluca is the founder and content director of The Inbounder, the most important digital marketing conference held in South Europe.

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What SEO strategy does Google suggest us?

The purpose of an SEO strategy hasn't changed in all these years: to help a website earning the highest degree of organic visibility in search engines to get qualified traffic, and thus increase the total volume of conversions and micro-conversions generated by the...

Search Intent and SEO. A practical guide

Search Intent and SEO. A practical guide

In this post, I will not go into the details of patents and papers (if you are interested in them, I invite you to follow and read Bill Slawski and Dawn Anderson). On the contrary, I will present empirical methods that some will consider “unscientific”, but which in reality have a lot of practical science backing it and proved to be correct and effective in identifying the search intent of my clients’ users.

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