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A new definition of SEO

The Internet Revolution has settled down, and Marketing has new rules… and Strategic SEO (and International SEO if it is the case) is one of its keys.

Nowadays no business company can let its Digital Marketing strategy in the hands of inexperienced people. Or it cannot just rely on the quality of its in house Web Marketing division.

A company today can only take advantages from relying on a qualified vision from outside, which is able to detect those mistakes, missing pieces, opportunities and solve and plan them, so to boost its Internet presence, authority, relevance and ROI.

Having success online in the highest number of markets is not anymore just a question of doing the right thing, following the basic Google guideline about Search Engine Optimization, publishing a page on Facebook or tweeting without a real strategy and knowledge of the culture of the countries you are promoting your products/services.

SEO is still fundamental, to find out the right keywords too and to plan a link building strategy as well, but if you want to stand out you need more: you need creative SEO, engaging SMO, a Content Marketing based on a serious audience analysis and offer a first class usability experience to your users… you need Growth Hacking and Inbound Marketing

Gianluca Fiorelli, acclaimed SEO consultant, is here to help you unleash your website creative web marketing potential thanks to its Strategic SEO, International SEO and Inbound Marketing consulting services.