Gianluca Fiorelli Clients Portfolio

Since I started offering SEO services back in 2004, I had the opportunity to work with amazing clients ranging from small local businesses to big international brands and from promising startups to consolidated companies.

As an SEO Consultant, then, I had the luck to apply and improve my skills and expertise amongst the most varied kind of industry niches like Real Estate, Travel and Tourism, SAAS, News and many others.

Here below I list some of these clients and what I did/do for them.

What is it? Visit California is the official website of the tourist board of California.

Service offered: International SEO audit and, then, content and audience audit of the Mexican market.

What is it? Bayard (Bayard Revistas S.A.) is an international editorial group with a presence in countries like Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands, Mexico, USA, UK, and many others.

Services offered: Strategic SEO consulting, website redesign and migration for two of their properties ( and

What is it? Bayut is the largest property portal in the UAE

Services offered: SEO Audits (Strategic, Technical, and Content Audits) and on-going consulting.

What is it? FamilyGo is the leader Italian website in the family travel niche.

Services offered: Technical and Strategic SEO Audit and on-going consulting.

What is it? Glassdoor is one of the world’s largest job and recruiting sites.

Services offered: International SEO consulting and support (general and specific to the Italian version)

What is it? GoOverseas is a portal specialized in offering Study, Teach, Volunteer and Internships abroad programs, amongst with programs for gap year and studying languages abroad.

Services offered: Strategic SEO and Content audits plus on-going consulting.

What is it? Iberostar is one of leading Spanish hotel chains with a global presence.

Services offered: Technical SEO audit, International Content Audit and Content Strategy design based on local interests.

What is it? JuicePlus+ is a multinational company producing and distributing diet-balanced and healthy products based on fruits and vegetables.

Services offered: International SEO audit and on-going consulting. 


What is it? Leadsbridge is a startup company offering enterprise-friendly technology for data synchronization.

Services offered: Technical SEO audit and on-going consulting.

What is it? Lladró is an international reknown Spanish company producing, distributing and selling handmade porcelain worldwide.

Services offered: Technical SEO and International SEO Audits.

What is it? Palladium Hotel Group is a Spanish hotel and resorts (The Grand Palladium) with international presence.

Services offered: Technical and International SEO Audit, plus Content optimization and on-going consulting.

What is it: Macingo is a portal that connect customers with carriers.

Services offered: Technical, International and Strategic SEO audit.

What is it? Magoosh is amongst the leaders in online education and exams’ preparation (GRE, ACT, SAT, IELTS, GMAT and many others).

Services offered: Technical SEO and Content Audit. On-going consulting.

What is it? MSC Cruises is one the bestknown cruising ships business companies operating in all the seven seas.

Services offered: International SEO consulting, keyword and On Page SEO consulting for the UK and Italian versions.

What is it? is a online printing Italian company operating internationally, and specialized in catalogues, flyers and price listings formating and publishing.

Services offered: Technical and International SEO Audits.

What is it? Paramount Plants and Gardens is a British ecommerce (and physical shop) specialized in everything plants and gardens.

Services offered: Technical SEO and Content Audit. On-going consulting.

What is it? is one the leading real estate portals in Mexico.

Services offered: Strategical SEO, Technical SEO and Content Audit. On-going consulting.

What is it? Sinergica Soluzioni is an Italian B2B business company selling professional scales and dynamometers.

Services offered: Technical SEO, Content Audit and website migration.

What is it? Tratos Group is a multinational company specialized in the production of industrial electrical cables.

Services offered: Strategical SEO, Technical SEO and Content Audits. On-going consulting.

Idealista (Real estate)

Idealista is one of the leaders in the Real Estate industry in countries like Spain, Italy, and Portugal.

The consulting service for them meant to externally support its internal SEO team in detecting issues, which they were not able to detect due to their fault of a usually needed perspective from a far position.

Moreover, during the consulting, apart from fixing technical issues, better connecting the SEO team with the Content & Social one and working for optimizing the Italian localization of the site in terms of navigation architecture and on-page optimization, we elaborated a new SEO strategy, which fundamental lines are still applied today, which helped Idealista confirming their leadership in the Spanish market and rising amongst the most important Real Estate portals in Italy.

BEROOMERS (real estate)

Beroomers is a Spanish startup specialized in offering housing offers (from single rooms in shared flats, families houses or student halls to apartments) to students studying abroad or in a different city from their own one.

For Beroomers, apart the SEO consulting service, I am actually helping them developing a stronger and better Inbound Marketing strategy.

Moreover, an important role in the consulting is related to everything related to syndicalisation of their database in third party sites, like the ones created in collaboration with universities all over the world.

Wordreference (editorial) is one of the most relevant online dictionary actually online, and it is used by literally hundreds of millions of users all around the world, thanks also to its very appreciated language forums.

Moreover, and on the contrary of its competitors that have a classic and sometimes centenary history at their back, was born as a single person idea and has no presence offline neither the financial power of more traditional dictionaries produced by normal publishing companies.

For them, I am working on SEO experiments, right now mostly centered on International SEO issues.

CHESS.COM (online game)

Of all the clients I had, is the only one I discovered that has returning users from Antarctica (you can imagine why).

The service offered to was International SEO consulting.

EMAGISTER (classified)

Emagister is a Spanish based portal specialized in selling educational courses and present in several countries all over the world. 

Affected by several penalties of different nature (link based, quality based), the job done for them during the almost two years of collaboration was mainly focused on solving the issues causing the penalizations and, at the same time, rebuilding from scratch a new information architecture and supporting it creating an digital marketing strategy not overly dependant on Google traffic.

Adespresso (saas)

AdEspresso, acquired by Hootsuite in February 2017, is a SAAS startup offering a Facebook Ads optimization tool.

As usually happens in the startup ecosystem, the AdEspresso website grew – also in terms of traffic – without thinking in SEO, but so losing all the enhanced visibility opportunities a correct SEO strategy can bring to the hundreds of posts, guides, tutorial and landing page a site like AdEspresso was producing year after year.

My commitment was to review their site and then concentrate on everything On Page SEO and offering them a guidance for implementing SEO in house.


Piktochart is one of the best known online software for designing infographics.

Apart from a more classic SEO Audit, the consultation consisted in tutoring them on how to perfectionate their influencers marketing, better reach different kind of audiences interested in their product and optimize the editorial line of their blog. 

Bwin – betclic (gambling)

The kind of service offered to Bwin and Betclic has been substantially the same: designing a link building strategy based on creative content campaigns. 

As always in case of link building, I partnered with other very skilled professionals or agencies, which were responsible of the content production and the practical side of the campaigns themselves (outreach and promotion), while I kept for myself the overall strategy design, audience definition, content analysis and format election for the single campaigns and the role of “executive producer”.

Some others clients I collaborated with in the past years are:

  • Ticketbis (Ticketing)
  • Pixmania (Ecommerce)
  • Educaweb (Educational Classified)
  • Shuttledirect (Car Rental)
  • Lost My Name (Publishing)
  • RWL Water (B2B)
  • Dohop (Travel)
  • Funidelia (Ecommerce)
  • Arena (Ecommerce)
  • Erento (Classified)
  • Dubli (Marketplace)
  • Centauro (Car Rental)
  • Autodesk (Software)
  • Wallpaperdirect (Ecommerce)