Secrets Google hides in plain sight, and how to use them to assess our SEO strategy.

The SEO life is not for someone who desires to work quietly from 9 to 5. However, if until not so long time ago understanding the search journey of our potential customers, and so guiding them along it, was relatively easy and predictable, nowadays it is not so anymore, because they can follow a substantially infinite number of paths before landing to a web page (note: I say web page, not website…).

What the Romans ever done for us aka the contribution of SEO to The Verge and other news websites

Today The Verge published an article written by Amanda Chicago Lewis – The People Who Ruined the Internet – that enraged the SEO community and partly amused it too because describing search marketers as “content goblins”, who love to attend “Alligators meet-ups”, and trick the hell out of Google for personal gainings. In conclusion, we can say that thanks to its own “content goblins” aka SEOs, The Verge not only sees organic search as the most important source of traffic for articles like the ones written by Amanda Chicago Lewis but also, SEO is helping The Verge to save between 5,851,958 and 31,302,701 million USD which other ways should be spent on ads, and so The Verge can reinvest the millions saved thanks to SEO for improving its editorial proposal.