What the Romans ever done for us aka the contribution of SEO to The Verge and other news websites

Today The Verge published an article written by Amanda Chicago Lewis – The People Who Ruined the Internet – that enraged the SEO community and partly amused it too because describing search marketers as “content goblins”, who love to attend “Alligators meet-ups”, and trick the hell out of Google for personal gainings. In conclusion, we can say that thanks to its own “content goblins” aka SEOs, The Verge not only sees organic search as the most important source of traffic for articles like the ones written by Amanda Chicago Lewis but also, SEO is helping The Verge to save between 5,851,958 and 31,302,701 million USD which other ways should be spent on ads, and so The Verge can reinvest the millions saved thanks to SEO for improving its editorial proposal.

Oh, My MUM. Or how to think SEO in the era of algorithms based on AI

Is the classic funnel still a useful model?
Are the “0 click SERPS” something we SEO cannot deal with?
Discover how the Messy Middle is shaping Google Search now and how it is the real cause of why Google is presenting more and more Search Features (and introduced MUM).
Learn my way of targeting, mapping, and optimizing the organic visibility of a website and a brand for the Messy Middle, and how it is obliging us to change the way of thinking and doing SEO.

What SEO strategy does Google suggest us?

The purpose of an SEO strategy hasn’t changed in all these years: to help a website earning the highest degree of organic visibility in search engines to get qualified traffic, and thus increase the total volume of conversions and micro-conversions generated by...