Oh, My MUM. Or how to think SEO in the era of algorithms based on AI

Is the classic funnel still a useful model?
Are the “0 click SERPS” something we SEO cannot deal with?
Discover how the Messy Middle is shaping Google Search now and how it is the real cause of why Google is presenting more and more Search Features (and introduced MUM).
Learn my way of targeting, mapping, and optimizing the organic visibility of a website and a brand for the Messy Middle, and how it is obliging us to change the way of thinking and doing SEO.

What SEO strategy does Google suggest us?

The purpose of an SEO strategy hasn’t changed in all these years: to help a website earning the highest degree of organic visibility in search engines to get qualified traffic, and thus increase the total volume of conversions and micro-conversions generated by...

Search Intent and SEO. A practical guide

In this post, I will not go into the details of patents and papers (if you are interested in them, I invite you to follow and read Bill Slawski and Dawn Anderson). On the contrary, I will present empirical methods that some will consider “unscientific”, but which in reality have a lot of practical science backing it and proved to be correct and effective in identifying the search intent of my clients’ users.