Search Intent and SEO. A practical guide

In this post, I will not go into the details of patents and papers (if you are interested in them, I invite you to follow and read Bill Slawski and Dawn Anderson). On the contrary, I will present empirical methods that some will consider “unscientific”, but which in reality have a lot of practical science backing it and proved to be correct and effective in identifying the search intent of my clients’ users.

SEO and the Coronavirus “update”

Sometimes you do not need a Google update for seeing your traffic and revenues tanking. If you are thinking that a Core Update is the worst you can experience as an SEO, I suggest you change your mind. Covid-19, better known as coronavirus albeit is just one of the...

How to use Hreflang correctly

In this post, I will try to resume the most important things we know about how to use use the hreflang mark up, what are the most common error and answer to the most frequently asked questions, backing their answers with official communications by Googlers.