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Strategic SEO Audit

Why may you need a strategic SEO Audit?

Despite the increased attention given by business companies to SEO, the value of asking an external agency or SEO Consultant to audit your website is still very high.

There are at least four main reasons for needing an external SEO Audit:

  1. The in-company SEO does not have years of experience or, maybe, never or rarely dealt with a specific SEO area, for instance, International SEO;
  2. The in-company SEO, because of her constantly looking at the company site, has become somehow blind to discovering issues. It is not her fault, but very common in every field, and the external support is the best way to look at your SEO projects with a new perspective;
  3. The SEO team simply does not have time to spend for an in-depth SEO audit;
  4. All the above reasons at the same time.

What does include a strategic SEO Audit?

A strategic SEO Audit is a snapshot of the Search Engine Optimization status quo of a website, and it is needed for discovering what issues are weakening its organic search visibility.

A complete SEO Audit is different depending on many factors like:

  • the business objectives of the client (e.g.: selling products or obtaining as much traffic for more ads exposure?);
  • the industry niche of the client (e.g.: Real Estate or News Industry?);
  • the market of the client (local, national, international).

Therefore, an SEO Audit may include all the following analysis or only part of them:

  • Indexation;
  • Crawl;
  • Architecture;
  • Duplicate Content;
  • Canonicalization;
  • Internal links;
  • Inbound links / Link Profile;
  • Semantics / Structured Data and Social Media markups;
  • On Page SEO;
  • Images;
  • Video;
  • SiteSpeed;
  • Mobile;
  • International SEO;
  • Local Search;
  • News Search.
  • Content Audit and Strategy
  • Website Promotion (Link Building) Strategy design

How we do a strategic SEO Audit?

First of all, we have a long conversation with you, so to deeply understand your company’s business goals and your overall marketing plan.

Only knowing your marketing strategy, we will be able to present you how SEO can effectively support it, and so give a real meaning to the SEO audit we will perform and present to you.

In order to do the strategic SEO audit, we will ask you the access to your website’s Google Search Console, Google Analytics and any other measuring platform you are using (Bing Webmaster Central, Adobe Analytics/Omniture, Hubspot…).

We will also ask you the most recent log file in order to analyze how the search engine bots crawl your site.

Our audits are not a simple list of issues and suggested best practices, but present:

  1. A detailed free-of-jargon and visual explication of the SEO issues affecting your website;
  2. One or more solutions for each issue discovered;
  3. An implementation priority checklist;
  4. All the working documents, so to allow your SEO team or specialist to easily consult what described in the audit.

All our audits include 30 days follow up period, during which we will organize regular video conferences for discussing the audit and solving any possible doubt about it.

What if you do not need a complete SEO Audit?

If what you are looking for an audit of a specific SEO area, no problem.

Gianluca Fiorelli, in fact, offers vertical audits too: