Spanish SEO & Inbound Marketing

Does your web speak Spanish?

There is a simple reason why it is good to plan an Inbound Marketing and SEO Strategy focused on the Spanish language countries: Spanish is the third most used language in Internet and it is the official language in 20 countries: Spain, Mexico, all the Central America countries and practically all South American with exception of Brazil. Then in some other countries in Africa or Asia.

Spanish is also widely spoken in the United States, Canada and many European countries both due to immigration and the strong promotion of the Hispanic cultures.

But, as the American English is really different from the British English or the Australian one, the same happens with all the different variations of Spanish. In fact, the Spanish spoken in Spain is very different from the Argentine Spanish or the Mexican one. And so are the cultures of the people speaking those variations of Spanish.

That is why it is important to rely on local experts. And here it is where can help you with its experience in Spanish SEO and Inbound Marketing focused on Spain and Latin American countries.

Spanish SEO & Inbound Marketing services

  1. Localized SEO copy written translations (or revisions) of your site. Because both carro and coche can mean car, but if you say carro in Spain you will have to drive a bandwagon…
  2. Site Architecture Audit. Because not always a web design thought for American customers offers the same CRO and ROI for Spanish or Latin American ones;
  3. Link Building. Because we have years of experience in link building for spanish web sites;
  4. Content Marketing. We know what the people likes or not… and we are creative;
  5. Social Media Optimization. Not only Facebook and Twitter, but also those Social Media that you maybe don’t know, but that are loved by your Spanish speaking customers (i.e.: Fotolog or Tuenti);
  6. Or these service together…

We can really help you expand your Brand and market in Latin America and Spain. To ask a quote is so simple like filling this contact form.